Earth Canvas - Art in Ag
Earth Canvas - Art in Ag

Earth Canvas

Linking artists with Regenerative Farmers
- Creating a better future

Artists to work with a regenerative farmers situated between the Murray and the Murrumbidgee rivers in southern NSW. The aim is share the vision of creativity of the farmer and his working palate in the landscape with the artist’s impression of the landscape.

At an open day at the end of the year farming and local communities can visit the farm and share the artists and farmers experience. Viewing the land that inspired the artistic creations. The artists and the Regen Farmer will share their knowledge and understanding.

This is an opportunity for artists to learn about regenerative Agriculture. It is hoped the exchange will enhance each party’s perspective of certainty in their work space.
“Regenerative Agriculture is more than sustaining something but actively rebuilding or regeneration of existing systems towards full health.” Quote Charley Massy call of the reed warbler 2017

November 2019 an open field day for general public will be held on each farm with the artists to display the work created and a farm tour by the Regenerative farmer. There will be discussions in the landscape and how each sees the landscape they have shared.

The artist’s contribution to produce work/s of art to be displayed at the open day. The work can include documenting the process with photographs journals, drawings etc. . . . The actual exhibition on the day is up to the artists and farmer to work out how they would like to present their journey.

The farmer will provide an art space or studio for the artists and accommodation. The actual time spent on farm will depend on what the artists and farmer decide.

Carbon Farming at Bibbaringa
Open Day November 2019

It is anticipated local food will be available to purchase at a long encourage discussion. The Earth Canvas team will work with each Regen Farmer and Artist group to individualize each field day.

Carbon Farming at Bibbaringa
Ongoing exhibition

There is a possibility of a regional exhibition at one of the local public galleries in 2020.
The finale as in field day or artists and farmer talks on farm in November 2019.

Carbon Farming at Bibbaringa
Earth Canvas working group

I anticipate getting a regional working group (3 people) together early in the new year to move forward.

Carbon Farming at Bibbaringa

Artists confirmed to be part of Earth Canvas

RegenAg Farmers

  • Nick and Dea Austin - Mundarlo
  • Michael & Anna Coughlan - Mt Narra Narra
  • Jill & Ian Couglan - Eurimbla
  • Rebecca Gorman - Yabtree West
  • Gill Sanbrook - Bibbaringa
  • Joy & Bill Wearn - Yammacoona

Time Line

  • March 2019 Artists and Farmers are introduced and outline how they would like to work together.
  • March to November: Artists work on a body of creative works and document the journey.
    November: Open day and on farm workshops for general public with emphasis on farming art school and university communities. All welcome.
  • 2020 Exhibition of all artworks from Earth Canvas exhibited at local public art space.