Ground cover is (still) supreme

I took the high prices and got out of breeding stock.

Now I’ll put my money into making grass, then I’ll be early back into the market and, probably for the next year or so, until the property builds up again, I’ll buy in a few of the weaners and fatten them up – in at 350 kilograms and I will get them up to 450 kilograms – and sell them off.

Ground cover is supreme. The property still has really good cover on it. I could have kept grazing – I had the month in front of me, until the end of May [2016]. But once you get rain it still takes time to grow grass. I felt that after that, when it got cold in June, it would be too slow a recovery. I value my ground cover, so I made the decision.

As we stand, it looks good. It should recover quickly once we get some warmth and rain.

Gillian made the decision to stop grazing, to allow her grass to recover.